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Shop Policy

At Dani & Jordis we use solid wood on our custom furniture. We hand select every single board used and each piece carries its own beautiful natural characteristics and flaws.  We take various precautions when working with wood: purchasing kiln-dried wood, monitoring moisture content and using joinery to accommodate natural wood movement.  Wood, however, is a NATURAL organic material and is constantly moving with both temperature and humidity changes.  This natural movement may cause small cracks, shrinking, or bowing over time.  Again, this is not always common but definitely a possibility.  We believe that this often adds to the warmth, beauty, and character of a farmhouse piece.  We do not offer refunds or exchanges if any of these natural occurrences take place.  We take pride in our builds and put out very best into the quality and character of every piece.  We hope that you enjoy it and the character that it brings to your home! 

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